Big Wallet, No Pants!
How to profit from the million-dollar gifts you were born with.

About the Book
Remember that great idea you gave up on? The idea people called, crazy? Bad news. I took it and made a fortune. Well, actually, I made your fortune. I Big Wallet, NO Pants!just get to keep the money. And that dream of playing professional football? Guess what. You really werenít too small. Now I have all your money too, and all the athletic ability you let slip away. I have it all, because thatís what I do. I make you give up on your greatest wealth-building giftsÖyour best ideas, your talents, your intellect, your business abilitiesÖthen I sneak them away from you!

So hereís a tip. Stop listening to negative advice! I should know, because I created it. Who am I? Well, you donít know me. You canít see me, either. Perhaps if I referred to myself as a, ghostwriter? And today, since Iíve taken more of your wealth than I can ever use, itís only fair that I start giving some of it back to you. It is time to help you remember why it is that you are there. Time to help you understand that the thoughts and dreams you were born with are valid. That your ambitions, matter. And yes, giving so much back is going to cost me a fortune! But hey, itís a write-off on my taxes.

One final note: The contents of this book will stick in your mind like super-glue to your fingers, so remember, youíve been warned! Fact or fiction? You can decide for yourself. But keep an aspirin handy just in case.

About the Author
Robert Bakke is a jet aircraft pilot, an acrobatic flight instructor, a black belt, a ski instructor and a race car driver. By the age of only 24 he was running a multi-million dollar company. During his business career, Robert managed sales of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 per day, designing marketing programs that shattered existing sales records, and created business training programs that reduced management turnover by more than 50%. Then at age 30, Robert saluted good-bye to his business career moving on to captain jet aircraft, and now focuses on helping people achieve their highest levels of performance through public speaking, business training lectures and his new book, "Big Wallet, NO Pants!"

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