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Big Wallet, NO Pants!
How to profit from the million-dollar gifts you were born with

BIG Wallet, NO Pants! - book cover
Can't Find Your First Million?
(You were just sitting on it a moment ago.)
Perhaps you should take a few minutes and go through your wallet. After all, a lot of people go through their wallets, and do you know what they find? They find cash, credit cards, a driver's license, old receipts, deposit slips from six months ago, and for a lucky few, an extra ten-dollar bill! "TEN BUCKS!" they yell as though the money had somehow, perhaps magically, been placed there for them to find. But do you know what? They haven't "found" a ten-dollar bill. Finding it implies it had been "lost." But it hadn't been lost. It is a ten-dollar bill, an asset that I made them forget they had. I’ve probably made you forget a lot of your assets, also.

For instance, what about all of those creative ideas you used to have? Wouldn't you consider a great idea an asset?

What about your enthusiasm? Enthusiasm is one of your most powerful sources of energy and motivation, so wouldn't that qualify as an asset?

What about your dreams, and the thrill you feel when you imagine yourself achieving them? Are they assets? Of course they are.

When you take time to consider the things that are most important, you discover that your most valuable assets are the assets that you carry around in your minds, as opposed to your wallets. Fortunately for me, when I stop you from putting your assets to use, just like that ten-dollar bill, you tend to forget they are there, and that makes them easy to take away from you.

Don’t you ever wonder what happened to all those childhood dreams you used to have? You know the ones. The dreams that people referred to as "just another phase" you were going through?

What about those great new inventions and creative ideas that other people said were impossible? The ideas that they called, "crazy."

Remember now? Do you really believe that friends just naturally say such discouraging things to each other?

Consider this. Suppose you weren't going through a phase. Suppose your ideas were not all that crazy? Suppose those people who called your ideas crazy, or impossible, never really intended to say such things.

I would be willing to bet that at least one time in your life you have reached into the pocket of an old pair of jeans and found a couple old dollars that you had forgotten about.

Doesn't it make you wonder what else you have forgotten?

Doesn't it make you wonder, why?

Perhaps you should look up the definition of, avuncular.