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Robert Bakke
America's Top Motivational Speaker

Robert Bakke - Jet CaptainGreatness captures the impossible!

The burning passion behind Robert's unforgettable presentations is a result of the blood, sweat, failures and triumphs of the many remarkable journeys he has taken. Robert doesn't recite the words others have written. He speaks from personal experience, with bedrock truth and the intensity of a champion. Robert Bakke is truly one of the most talented Motivational Speakers in America.

Achieving the impossible is not a cliché. It happens each and every day. Please consider that a human being breaking the 4-minute mile was considered impossible… right up to the year 1954 when Roger Bannister did it. After that it was a regular occurrence. Using a laser light to extract sound from within a sheet of plastic was also "impossible" right up to the day the CD player was created! America was built upon the courage to rise to challenges…to stare down the impossible and make it possible. America was created, to win. Tonight, look up at the moon and realize that only one flag stands proud on its surface... The flag of the United States of America!

Believe it!
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Conferences and Special Events

Robert Bakke - Black BeltIf you or your organization is looking for someone to send everyone's ambition into high gear, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking to have a company message delivered with piercing impact, or want to provide your group with an energetic hour of thought provoking truth, Robert is guaranteed to excite and entertain everyone at your event. His presentations have been described as articulate, energetic and even "enthralling." Many clients have gone as far as to describe his presentations as, "Spellbinding!"

Robert isn't just another motivational speaker who has read some books and tells some stories. Robert has "climbed the mountain" himself. Several of them, which provide his words with a strength, credibility and enthusiasm that other speakers can only hope to emulate.

Robert won't just hit a home run, he'll "knock it out of the park."

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Robert Bakke - "Miracle of a Father's Love"

What Others Are Saying

"Robert was moving - uplifting and spot-on! He really engaged the audience and I just LOVED him - Next year, we will definitely have him back! His speech was not only motivating, but it was fantastic (and I mean FANTASTIC!)."
DJ - The Sanctuary Animal Refuge and Hospice

"Brilliant!" - Hugh B. President, St. Paul Corrugating

"All he needs now is an Action Figure!" - David S., Co-Owner, Specialty Coachworks

"There is nothing more refreshing than good, honest truth and Robert did an awesome job bringing it forth." - Reverend Deborah H., Eternity Church

"Absolutely outstanding! Get him back more!" - School District 281

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